libqtavi - Easy creation of AVI video files for Qt

libqtavi enables Qt based applications to easily create and record video files in the AVI container format. libqtavi is a wrapper around the libgwavi library.


  • Easy integration with your projects and a straightforward usage:
  • QAviWriter writer("demo.avi", QSize(800, 600), 24, "MJPG");// set framerate to 24 fps and 'MJPG' codec 
    writer.setAudioFileName("audio.wav"); // set audio track;
    //...add all other video frames here
  • Audio support
  • Works with both Qt 5 and Qt 4
  • Cross platform


libqtavi can be used on all the platforms supported by the Qt framework: Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, iOS, Android, etc...


libqtavi is available under two licenses: an open-source licence (GPL v. 3.0) and a commercial one. Please take a look at the Licensing section for more details.


Ion Vasilief